Briefing (English)

Please call for information (and PN):

Name Mobile
Håkan Sjöberg +46 709-547632
Anders Sällström +46 708-567809

Use only official aeronautical publications for security related information. For RADAR assistance and ATS call Sweden Control, 133,805 MHz. Please call 123,40 MHz “Söderslätt radio” in due time before arrival.

Right hand circuit for runway 03, left hand for runway 21!

The windsock is placed at the east side of the RWY.

Please study the maps and charts below and AVOID the areas marked red on the charts! The area is extremely noise sensitive!

Traffic pattern Ultralights
Traffic pattern PPL

Svenska Flygfält (Airfield chart) ESTT page 1
Svenska Flygfält (Airfield chart) ESTT page 2


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